No internet for Chrome/Opera if not logged through GDM but Firefox is OK


Answer: 1

23 hours ago

If I don't use a graphical-display manager (GDM,LightDM, etc...) then I don't get access to internet for Chrome/Opera but only with Firefox.

Do you have an idea?

Also, is there any doc about graphical-display manager mechanism since systemd inception?

Thank you

Added by: Mabelle Runte

Answer: 2

4 hours ago

The display manager must be setting up some networking that startx is not.

Login both ways and run systemctl status --user and save the output for side by side review. If the login manager method has started some extra services, they are likely related. Two services involved with setting up networking are NetworkManager and systemd-networkd.

Also check your .bash_profile. It is executed only for the CLI logins and not for the display manager login. If it did something like setup HTTP proxies, that could be the difference as well.

Added by: Lizzie Trantow MD

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