No Desktop icons on Ubuntu 17.10


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18 hours ago

With Ubuntu 17.10, is it possible to display our desktop icons as in Windows or Apple and how? Even with GNOME and Unity Tweak Tools installed,all we can get are the trash can and personal files folder icons that's all.

"Desktop icons" is on in GNOME Tweaks and still cannot drag or put Firefox, Chromium, etc from the dock to desktop as it should... the dragged icons always go back to the dock.

Added by: Marietta Heller

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4 hours ago

Simply dragging application icons from the dock to desktop won't add application launchers to the desktop. Follow the steps instead:

  1. Open Files, Click on "+ Other Locations" in the sidebar

    enter image description here
  2. Click on "Computer" and then navigate to usr > share > applications. You should see icons of installed applications here.
  3. Copy an application icon (say, Firefox) and paste to your desktop (or simply drag-&-drop).
  4. In desktop it may look something like a file named firefox.desktop. Double click the file.
  5. A warning window may appear asking you to "Trust and Launch". Do it.
Added by: Korbin Wuckert

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