Network Printing Requires Authentication


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11 hours ago

I am trying to print a PDF on an Ubuntu, and the printer is hooked up to my Windows desktop. Everything is going fine, but when I test-print a page, it asks me for authentication. The default username is francislau and there is a blank password box. I tried my Ubuntu password but it was incorrect. Does anyone know what the credientials are?

Added by: Dr. Hiram Nader

Answer: 2

31 hours ago

Francis, I encountered exactly the same issue.

When I use the Windows username and password, the document prints successfully, but it is a nuisance because I must enter the user/pass for every document that I print.

I solved the issue after finding this bug report. In summary, delete your printer and add it again, but make sure you use the correct user/pass combination the very first time you are prompted for it.

I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric 64bit.

Added by: Erica Rice

Answer: 3

30 hours ago

If the Windows computer is responsible for the printer share, I would suggest diagnosing password issues from the Windows side. Depending on your Windows OS version, you can try googling for "windows print share password". I see a couple good forums on this topic on when I do this search.

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