Network Manager (as well as wicd) don't connect to Wifi


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1 hours ago

I experience an error on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Thar with my Wi-Fi. After installing Ubuntu some months ago, I did not have any problems. Just recently I followed this guide on what one should do after installing this distribution ( After rebooting my PC was unable to connect to Wi-Fi through Network.Manager and kept asking for the password (as described in countless threads in this forum as well). Googling the problem I tried lots of stuff to fix it following instructions in this and other forums, including: - Removing Network Manager and using WICD instead - installing gnome-keyring - Allowing the connection to be used by every user and so on - Clearing my IP-Tables - Deleting the connection, rebooting and setting it up anew.

And yet: Every time I try to connect to my Wifi, NWM-Applet prompts to enter a passphrase. The passphrase is saved. Wether I just click enter or retype the passphrase and press enter .. the promt just comes again. I can connect normally by cable and every other device connects normally to the wifi, as well as my windows boot system on the same pc (from which I am typing right now ;)).

What can I do to fix this problem? Where should I look for solutions?

Thank you very much for your help!

PS: I use Xubuntu since years on my Netbook, but I am quite new to Ubuntu.

EDIT: I reinstalled the whole system, but after update und upgrade the problem reappeared -.-

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27 hours ago

I have same like this, I use 'System settings' : 'software and updates' : 'additional drivers' tab - in my case - Broadcom wifi driver. After installation, reboot and it's working.

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27 hours ago

My suggestion would be to sudo apt-get install nmcli. Nmcli is a network manager thru command line Network Manager command line is what the name stands for. I used recently because it was faster and easier than the graphical IDEs. The connection to wifi is one, short line...

nmcli dev wifi connect "name of network" password 'someAsc11comb0'.

Hope that helps you.

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