My microSD mounted read-only


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15 hours ago

I know this question has been asked a lot. I've tried all the solutions, such as formatting, reboot, remount, etc. But my microSD still read-only.

I have partitioned my Micro SD into 2 partitions and 1 of partition I mount it as /data in my android and the last one as SD card.

/data is one of the storage space in android (ex : /system, /data, /cache, /etc)

OS : Ubuntu 14.04

Added by: Chyna Eichmann

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14 hours ago

Did you try gparted sudo apt-get install gparted? I had the same problem with my new microsd card. Download gparted and format the microsd card to FAT 32 and then unmount/remount. Ubuntu will recognize the card. WARNING this will erase all contents on the card, however the formatting will solve the unreadable properties.

Added by: Rolando Zieme

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14 hours ago

Have you tried a different card reader? I've noticed that, for whatever reason, some of my MicroSD cards insist on going read-only with some USB-SD adapters and not others and which adapter to use depends on which card I'm using.

Added by: Theresia Ondricka

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21 hours ago

A temporary quick solution:

First check the device name

sudo fdisk -l

And the unmount and remount it (assuming your device is /dev/sdc1)

sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdc1

Answer: 5

6 hours ago

Are you using a Micro SD card to full-size SD card adapter? Some of those adapters have a lock switch on the left side. I re-inserted a card about 10 times wondering why it was suddenly only mounting read-only before I noticed that switch had slipped slightly out of the unlocked position.

Added by: Ismael Keeling

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