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11 hours ago

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I have a Pavilion Power CB015 laptop. I want to modify the BIOS boot option label. Currently I have a windows 10 on the first hard drive (sda) and an Ubuntu 18 on the second hard drive (sdb). But in my Bios boot menu, the option is showed as Ubuntu on sda but not Ubuntu on sdb.

@ I can change the names in GRUB menu by using GRUB Customizer but I don't know how to change the name in Bios menu. It happens when I installed the new Ubuntu 18 on the sdb and deleted the old Ubuntu 16 which located on sda.

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Thank you.

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17 hours ago

PRATAP Jan 12 at 13:18 changing of the name in BIOS -> Boot Option menu is purely dependent on the BIOS vendor, i dont think such facility is provided by the vendors. if worked out well, may be the text "ubuntu" can be possible but not the format if you want to see Ubuntu option on Other Drive name, you need to Install EFI System Partition on that drive. if you decided to create a separate EFI System Partition for Ubuntu on other drive, this may help

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