Lost access to Admin rights, account on Standard, need to get switched back [duplicate]


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14 hours ago

Good Day ma'am/sir, I need help, and am not locating the right type of help. I just got my mother a new PC with Ubuntu on it, after initial setup and updates, all was operational...upgraded to 14:04 (newer one available) (and I have the disc that came with PC it is for Ubuntu 13:04, I believe) So the problem; I know the passwords, we set them up to work for her, the problem is in the User Accounts part, her profile (the only one set up) was switched from administrator to standard user, and now for everything and anything it will ask for administrator privilege and the password does not do anything, just spits back the password bar. I tried changing the password, I just can not get her account back to Administrator. If any help is able, it would make the world of a difference. Thanks for your time, Good Day,

Semper Fidelis Lt. Woods

Added by: Joey Doyle

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1 hours ago

If that account is part of sudoers, try changing the password for root.

sudo passwd root

And give a new password. It could work if your account is in the sudoers list

Added by: Fatima Bergstrom

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23 hours ago

I believe the command for changing a standard account to administrative is:

sudo adduser [username] sudo

Where [username] is the name of the account you wish to change. I think this can even work for the account you are logged into, but I've not tried it for that purpose.

Added by: Pattie Fay DVM

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