Looking for wifi drivers for Hp 250 g4 for ubuntu 14.04?


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29 hours ago

As I have purchased new hp 250 g4 laptop and when I tried to install WiFi drivers its taking other drivers but not working fine.

most of the time it doesn't connected only to my WiFi device and also if it get connected also then there is a issue related to speed.

I spoke to the customer care of HP and they said that you need to update the WiFi drivers. Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN drivers.

Please help me from where I can get this drivers.

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31 hours ago

Short answer

You need to update, for which you'll need to use an ethernet cable or wifi dongle that works with Linux out of the box.

Once you've updated you can simple paste this into the terminal and press enter:

echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel=1 fwlps=N" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf

If you're asked for your password, enter it and press enter. Now reset your laptop and it should work. If it doesn't, try all the steps above again but this time change ant_sel=1 to ant_sel=2.


The problem is that the wifi hardware only has one of the two antennas attached but the hardware reports the wrong antenna. So you need to force the driver to use the correct antenna, which can only be done with the newer driver. To see if your driver supports this option, open a terminal and do:

modinfo rtl8723be

If it has the output has the line:

parm:           ant_sel:Set to 1 or 2 to force antenna number (default 0)

Then you have the updated driver. If not then you will need to update using an ethernet cable or wifi dongle to get internet access.

Once you have the right drivers you need to force it to use the right antenna, like so:

echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel=1 fwlps=N" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf

And then reset the laptop. If this does not work then try the above again but change ant_sel=1 to ant_sel=2.

The fwlps=N prevents an issue where power saving would drop the connection after a time even when being used.

16.04 note: You can temporarily try different antenna settings before permanently setting configuration by reloading the driver using the following:

sudo modprobe -r rtl8723be
sudo modprobe rtl8723be ant_sel=1

This will allow you to make sure it works without having to reset the laptop each time.

Added by: Liza Ondricka

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