Localhost still exist after deleting xampp


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28 hours ago

After installing xampp, somehow localhost bugged on me.

I put my files, changed permissions, in the end deleted the xampp, but I always get this message:

It works!

This is the default web page for this server.

The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.

Wiped the folder, tried restarting either, there's no xampp but I'm still getting it, what's the problem?

Added by: Heber Goyette

Answer: 2

36 hours ago

You probably installed a webserver using the Software Centre. Therefore, even if XAMPP is removed, the webserver in Ubuntu still exists and is running.

To figure out which webserver is running (could be Apache2 or Lighttpd or something else), run

sudo lsof -i

It should output something like (this is shortened view):

avahi-dae  923  avahi   13u  IPv4    9262      0t0  UDP *:mdns 
avahi-dae  923  avahi   14u  IPv6    9263      0t0  UDP *:mdns 

What you are interested in, is the ro that has *:www under the NAME column.

Once you find the line, then see what it says in the COMMAND column. You can then remove the package using the Software Centre.

Added by: Yessenia Kling

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