Kubuntu 19.10 Doesn't Suspend Properly Using Home Folder Encryption?


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2 hours ago

I have a nearly fresh install of Kubuntu 19.10 and encrypted my home folder using ecryptfs-migrate-home using the typical method.

This had led to an issue where, when I suspend my computer by closing the laptop lid, the computer suspends initially, then wakes back up at the log in screen and won't suspend without me hitting sleep in the log in screen.

Power Settings

What should I do to resolve this issue? I would usually use ubuntu-bug but I don't know what package to file a bug against.

EDIT 0: The swapfile doesn't exist (I think) because I'm using BTRFS as a filesystem. This is the swapfile entry in fstab:

#/swapfile             none            swap    sw              0       0
Added by: Keaton Gaylord Sr.

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