Is there any problem in creating a folder in the system root and saving all my personal files there?


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20 hours ago

I'm thinking of make /myFiles my new home directory.

I am thinking of this possibility because I have had problems with exact path of files on different computers. I use more than one computer every day, and have some programs that need to find files to work properly. However, because of the difference between /home/user1/myFiles/thisFile.doc and /home/user2/myFiles/thisFile.doc the programs do not work properly.

(I know I can use symbolic links for this kind of problem, but I would not want to use this artifice - they are too many files, I would have to do this for each one and it would not become viable in my workflow)

Is there any problem or conflict that might be occasioned by doing so or theoretically would everything be okay?

I want to make /myFiles my home directory and not just create a /myFiles folder at the root of the system as I think it will make my workflow easier. although it is something unusual, would theoretically have some problem in doing so?

(and, if I want to go back to my current /home/username/myFiles state, having /home/username/ as my home directory, is there any problem?) I mean, is this action reversible if I do not like it for some reason?

Added by: Otto Cremin

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