Internal Microphone Not working but when connecting with earphones internal and external mics are working, and giving options for both


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21 hours ago

I am facing an issue with my internal MIC for the last 1 week. I updated my UBUNTU 18.04 and my sound stopped working. I tried update commands but none worked. Later by installing Pulseaudio and Alsa MIxer my Sound came back. But instead of showing Built-In Sound, it was giving Snd-hda sound option. I tried almost all options from the various platforms but none are working.

ISSUE - Internal MIC not working, no MIC option showing in SOUND Settings INPUT option. When connecting with earphones or headphones, it's showing option for both internal and external MIC.

I have tried changing options from ALSAmixer(unmuted Mic) and Pulseaudio(changed input option and changed configuration) but none work.

Added by: Raymond Crooks

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