IBus Avro is not working on Ubuntu 18.04


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36 hours ago

I've installed Avro in my ubuntu 18.04. Then it works fine. But recently it is not working. Like by pressing Super + space, I can change the language but although I select Bangla it appears English alphabets.

I've checked all settings in Language support and it seems that there is no change happens.

How can I again make it workable?

This question may seem duplicate to this question but, in this case, the Avro installation is absolutely fine and it was working for a time then suddenly it stopped working. That time although i on the IBus Avro the Bangla fonts was not coming.

Added by: Dr. Alf Bosco IV

Answer: 2

13 hours ago

You may have run into a bug, which now has been fixed.

Avro Phonetic has recently been made available to Ubuntu users via an official package, which includes that bugfix.

To install it:

sudo apt install ibus-avro

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