I have Ubuntu Mate 18.10, which sudo should I install, 18.04 or 20.04? [closed]


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13 hours ago

Will there be any harm if I install sudo from Ubuntu 20.04 or sudo from Ubuntu 18.04 on my Ubuntu 18.10 system?

There is no official sudo upgrade offered for Ubuntu 18.10.

(Why I need 18.10 is complicated)

Added by: Marvin Johns

Answer: 2

20 hours ago

Ubuntu 18.10 went end of life on 19 July 2019 and so is offtopic here, and is also a really bad idea to be running as it doesn't receive security updates, as you have noticed.

It would not be a good idea to forcibly install a sudo package from another version of Ubuntu. You would be better off:

  • uninstalling sudo;
  • recompiling the sudo source package for 18.10 with the fix applied; or
  • downloading the upstream sudo source, compiling it and replacing your system sudo with that one.

But upgrading to a supported release is a better idea than all of the above.

Added by: Laurianne Kunde

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