How to stop huge consumption of internet data by Ubuntu 20.04?


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9 hours ago

For the past 5 years, I have been using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. During that time, I didn’t face any unwanted internet data consumption issues. Recently I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I haven't installed any other software yet. I configured auto update settings as below. Ubuntu 20.04 software & update settings

Even after the above settings, Ubuntu 20.04 consumes around 1 GB of internet data within a few minutes in idle state (not browsing anything). I am using Wi-Fi hotspots internet data from mobile. Please help guide me to stop this huge unintended consumption of internet data by Ubuntu 20.04. Thanks.

Added by: Garrett Beer

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31 hours ago

You have to find out which process use your bandwidth, you should install and use nethogs to check how much which process use:

sudo apt-get install nethogs

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8 hours ago

Adjust automatic update settings in Software & Updates.

To hold updating snaps when on a metered connection.

sudo snap set system refresh.metered=hold

Snaps update automatically, and by default, the snapd daemon checks for updates 4 times a day. To only refresh snaps on the last Friday of the month:

sudo snap set system refresh.timer=fri5

More information about the date-time formats that the snap CLI supports can be found here.

Added by: Horace Hirthe

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