How to set custom display resolution normally


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21 hours ago

I need help with setting a custom display resolution on Linux Ubuntu, because I have a shitty TV which is actually 1080p, but 1080p looks like crap on it. However, 1776x1000 looks perfect, but Ubuntu doesn't have a resolution of 1776x1000, only a lower one.

I tried adding the resolution with terminal: xrandr. It added the resolution, but the problem is when I switch to 1776x1000, it still looks like it is in 1920x1080, only zoomed in.

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16 hours ago

The resolution is not only a factor of your TV (whose details you didn't specify) but also of your graphics card and your module (aka "driver"). So if your TV supports a 1776x1000, but your graphics card (which you didn't specify neither) doesn't, it'll just "scale" to the nearest solution which seems to be 1920*1080.

Otherwise, you'll have to go down to 1280*720, which is a well-known resolution... :-(

Look up the exact model number of both your TV and graphics card and if both do support 1776*1000 and it still looks like crap bad, you'll have to raise a bug report for your "driver" and wait patiently until the developers do something about it.

Also: some TVs automatically "zoom" (aka "overscan") the images they receive. You might test by turning this feature off by using the TV settings menu with your remote control (look this up in the manual of your TV)

Added by: Sabina Dibbert MD

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