How to mount image.iso and create an option in Grub to install?


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33 hours ago

Every now and then new versions of os are released. I want to try them out but what I don't want to have to burn a new CD/DVD or create a bootable USB, every time.

I don't want to use usb or cd/dvd.

How can we install an iso from grub when the computer starts?

Added by: Earl Okuneva

Answer: 2

13 hours ago

im going to guess you are trying to install without a disc, im my experience the iso mounting occurs when the system loads and its after grub, may i suggest opening or mounting the iso and copying the files onto a USB, that should work, oh and make sure the partition settings of the usb are the same, eg the partition can be booted.

If yyou are trying to instyall ubuntu, may i suggest the [Startup Disk Creator] App, ive never tried it but ive heard of it and can see it

Added by: Breana Luettgen

Answer: 3

31 hours ago

Actually what you need is a MultiSystem. It uses similar option as GRUB and you can mount almost any ISO file. Worked well for me.

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