How to make sure I stay on Linux kernel version 3.13 (Ubuntu 14.04)?


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8 hours ago

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 yesterday, because my WiFi adapter is not supported in 16.04. I am told this is likely due to the Linux kernel.

In order for my computer's WiFi adapter to work, I'm told I need to be on Linux kernel version 3.13 and no higher.

I've since installed all of the available updates in Software Updater, and am now on Ubuntu 14.04.4.

My question is: How do I ensure that I don't inadvertently upgrade my kernel beyond version 3.13? (I've heard about LTS Enablement Stack packages, but am not sure what they are, or where they will appear, so that I can avoid them.)

Thank you!

Added by: Makayla Krajcik IV

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31 hours ago

IF you are on 3.13 right now, you will stay on that kernel (possible with minor updates) the only reason you would get a newer kernel, is if you downloaded 14.04.4 or something else. You CAN upgrade it though, see here: .. But if you don't do anything, you will be fine :)

Added by: Charles Cronin

Answer: 3

20 hours ago

This page has several methods for sticking to a specific kernel version

The simplest option being to hold it

sudo apt-get hold linux-image-3.13
Added by: Kyler Heathcote

Answer: 4

12 hours ago

You can also use Grub Customizer to select the default boot kernel (without having to manually press SHIFT and load GRUB list).

General settings --> Default boot


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