How to make Firefox Print Dialog work again after Ubuntu/Firefox upgrade?


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20 hours ago

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10. After this upgrade I have now Firefox version 96.0.3 (64-bit).

When I want to print something from within Firefox I press CTRL-P and this brings up, as expected, the (new) Firefox print dialog. However, when I click "print" in this dialog, it opens first the old system printing dialog. Before the update this was not the case, the button "print" directly printed the page.

So, the button "print" acts as if I had clicked on "Print using the system dialog", even though I didn't click on that link.

What could have been changed that I now automatically receive the old system printing dialog even when I click on "print" in Firefox's own printing dialog?

As far as I am aware I didn't change anything in system settings or in Firefox's settings after the upgrade to Ubuntu 21.10.

Added by: Mr. Vincenzo Haag

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6 hours ago

Recent Software Updater updates/upgrades switched to a SNAP version of Firefox. This created a few problems.

To change from Firefox SNAP, back to a Firefox APT installation...

In the Terminal app:

sudo snap remove firefox

sudo apt update

sudo apt install firefox

Note: This procedure may need to be repeated with future updates/upgrades... if Firefox is changed back to a SNAP. This may not even be possible in the forthcoming Ubuntu 22.04 upgrade.

Added by: Sarah Wisozk

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