How to make AltGr temporarily switch keyboard language?


Answer: 1

31 hours ago

I have a keyboard with English and Russian letters. Super+Space switches language.

I want also the right AltGr temporarily switch language while this key is pressed.

How to assign this function to AltGr?

Ubuntu 18.04.

Added by: Sharon Harber

Answer: 2

16 hours ago

Yes, you can set such option.

You need to install GNOME Tweaks with

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

then launch it and:

  1. Click on Keyboard & Mouse group
  2. In Keyboard section click Additional Layout Options button
  3. In opened window expand Switching to another layout
  4. Check checkbox named Right Alt (while pressed):

    GNOME Tweaks - set Additional Layout Options

  5. Close Additional Layout Options window and exit GNOME Tweaks.

Note: keyboard layout indicator does not react on pressed RightAlt and constantly shows the first layout name. I reported this as bug 1779327 to

Added by: Theo Hagenes

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