How to make a command line program have a custom icon in XFCE dock or Plank?


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35 hours ago

I have created a .desktop file for octave-cli, which is the command line version of GNU Octave. When I double click the .desktop file (which has the icon of Octave, and is pinned in XFCE Panel), the opened terminal window has a icon of Terminal (not of Octave).

Is there a way to make command line programs use their own icons throughout?

This also happens when I drag the .desktop file to a dock like Plank.

enter image description here

enter image description here

To clarify, the .desktop file does have the icon I had set. But when I double click it, it opens in a terminal with a terminal icon. I want it to open in a terminal (obviously) with a octave icon, to make it look like a standalone software.

Added by: Willis Kassulke V

Answer: 2

36 hours ago

I found out a way to do it in Ubuntu Gnome 20.04. Not sure if it works in your DE, but you may be able to adapt it

Added by: Adriana Rath

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