How to launch a VM inside a VMWare player with a shell script?


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24 hours ago

I am forced to use VMware Player instead of VirtualBox, so I wonder what is the answer for the same question (similar to this one) as this but in the context of a VMWare player ?

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16 hours ago

It is possible, although somewhat complicated as the documentation for performing this is a little obscure to me.

First, you must ensure that the VMWare tools are installed and running on your guest machine. In Linux, this does mean compiling them, and in Windows, they can be installed from the disk.

Secondly, you must have the vmrun utility. This might be included with vmware plaer, if not, you will need to find and download it from

An example command that I used to test the feature is this:

vmrun -T ws -gu username -gp password runProgramInGuest ./vmware/Ubuntu/Ubuntu.vmx -noWait /usr/bin/X11/xclock -display :0

As you can see from the picture below, this was successful

enter image description here

Added by: Julian Effertz IV

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