How to kill unity panel & unity launcher? [duplicate]


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23 hours ago

I'd like to find out which process is responsible for Unity panel and launcher.. In case I'd like to close one of them, which process to I have to kill?


Added by: Ben Grimes

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33 hours ago

Both Unity and the Launcher are part of the Unity Compiz plug-in, so to kill Unity , terminate compiz from the System Monitor.

enter image description here

However you can't Kill compiz and have the Launcher or Unity running.

Added by: Raphael Wunsch

Answer: 3

34 hours ago

If you have compiz config manager installed, you can disable unity plugin, witch also results in killing unity.

Added by: Mr. Vito Dach MD

Answer: 4

10 hours ago

Why not just stop logging into the unity desktop and start using the "Ubuntu:Classic" option which gives you the old Ubuntu 10.10 style panel and menu configuration? Than you can easily remove unity and/or any associated plugins from Synaptic Manager without risking crashing your system due to Unity still running in the background.

Log Out and choose "Ubuntu:Classic" at the bottom of the screen as the desktop you want to login to.

Login Manager in System Settings: and choose "Ubuntu:Classic" from a drop down menu for your all future logins if that's what you want.

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