How to install latest Code::Blocks from tar.xz?


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34 hours ago

How to install latest Code::Blocks using codeblocks_17.12-1_amd64_stable.tar.xz?

Software center has an old version and I am not able to configure. How to install? Why is there no documentation for installing?

Added by: Dr. Mario Dach

Answer: 2

5 hours ago

You should extract downloaded archive with

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf codeblocks_17.12-1_amd64_stable.tar.xz

Then install extracted deb-packages:

sudo dpkg -i *17.12*.deb

And finally install missed dependencies:

sudo apt-get install -f

Please note that codeblocks-contrib will be removed on 16.04 LTS and on 18.04 LTS because of missed libhunspell-1.4-0 dependency.

Do not forget to install compiler such as GCC.

Added by: Pearlie Wintheiser

Answer: 3

31 hours ago

if you apply the same steps already explained

sudo dpkg -i 17.12.deb


sudo apt-get install -f

But with debian testing .deb instead of debian stable, libhunspell version is in sync and all work ok, including the codeblocks-contrib package.

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