How to install a Canon iP4900 on Ubuntu Precise


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27 hours ago

I have installed printers on many versions of Ubuntu since breezy Badger with no problem. Some weeks ago I installed a new Pixma 4900 in the usual manner, it printed a test file and has not worked since. I installed the latest Gutenprint and cups and have been beating my head against the wall trying to get this thing configured. Can you please provide a sample default file using the latest cupsd,cnf file. I can't even get into local host. Thank you

Added by: Shea Bayer DDS

Answer: 2

1 hours ago

This printer has experimental support in gutenprint.

I was able to install it regular way from localhost:631 on Arch linux after installing gutenprint.

But this drivers only have 600*600 DPI resolution for printing which gives really bad results with color prints.

There are also official drivers from Canon for Linux but this drivers have even less features (no color printing at all). I installed them by manually copying files.

Added by: Landen Ziemann V

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