How to fix blurred PDF preview in TeXstudio under fractional scaling?


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11 hours ago

I am using fractional scaling in Kubuntu 20.04. When I compile a .tex file in TeXstudio, the preview of the output is blurred (however, the generated PDF is not blurred when viewed in Okular or another PDF reader. Only the preview in TeXstudio is blurred).

How to fix it?

blurred blurred output (zoom in to see)

Answer: 2

1 hours ago

A workaround is to update to the latest version of texstudio. First remove the existing version of texstudio.

sudo apt remove texstudio texstudio-doc texstudio-l10n

Now add the PPA for texstudio.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunderme/texstudio

Update the software catalogue and install texstudio.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install texstudio

The version of texstudio from the PPA (currently 4.2.1) previews a high quality PDF.

new version

Added by: Mollie Bauch

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