How to delete older files using a bash script?


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8 hours ago

How to find and delete older files (older than 7 days) in a folder using a bash script? It's a folder in a server which contain automatic backups. Need to delete old ones automatically so there's space for new ones.

Added by: Madisen Kerluke IV

Answer: 2

31 hours ago

ssh [email protected] "find /path/to/files/ -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;"

name the script as and give execute permissions.

 chmod +x

Run it as ./ or bash

Added by: Tate Corkery

Answer: 3

5 hours ago

Using the below command, first confirm the file list:

find . -mtime +7

If the list is correct, using below the files can be deleted.

find . -mtime +7 -exec rm '{}' \;
Added by: Sarina Dooley

Answer: 4

12 hours ago

For a short and easy to remember version :-

find <directory path> -ctime +7 -delete

This will delete files older than 7 days

Added by: Montana Shanahan

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