How to add DNS server in icinga/nagios server on ubuntu?


Answer: 1

32 hours ago

I already install and configure icinga on ubuntu.All host configure IP in manually.Now I want to add DNS in my icinga server. Actually, I want to add that keep to dynamic IP address in host. Now all the host IP is dynamic that why my icinga server does not working properly. Because every time host IP is changed. After that all host is down. This is a big problem in my icinga server. How to I configure DNS or Dynamic IP address in icinga server. Please given solution.

Added by: Mac Ullrich DDS

Answer: 2

26 hours ago

It sounds like you need to re-think your network Topology find an IP range that works for your hardware and assign all devices individual Static IP's generally speaking only clients should use Dynamic convention unless all devices are dynamic.

Added by: Dock Weimann

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