How many Hz on resolution of 32767 x 32767?


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9 hours ago

If I check with xrandr I get the output

Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 3200 x 1800, maximum 32767 x 32767

which sounds to me, like my graphics card would be able to serve a screen with max 32767 x 32767 px. Is that true? That really sounds a lot! And how many Hz would I achieve with such a large futuristic screen?

Is there a way to calculate the Hz my graphics card would serve max at a 4k or at a 5k resolution?

Or is there a better way to find out the max resolution for my graphics adapter (before buying a monitor)?

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3 hours ago

Your last question has already been answered. However to better Demonstrate this next piece. Grab a CRT monitor, then grab an LCD monitor with only VGA connections. Then briefly look at Hz for those monitors. Now, understand that monitors are going to fully depend on what your refresh rate is going to be. Normally you can override those values in your Graphics Adapters Settings Page; however you get to those, sometimes doesn't matter.

Your adapter is finding the right rate:pixel ratio the monitor can handle, since this is how many times you can refresh a page on the screen every X amount of seconds. is a more detailed understanding of what my question just answered. Remember that components work together, if one is batting under 300 then so will everything else that uses said component.

Added by: Delphine Weissnat

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