How do I stop Google Chrome windows from "following" me across Unity workspaces?


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19 hours ago

I've got Google Chrome in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running Unity, and when I switch workspaces, the Chrome windows follow me to the new one, regardless of what window I have focused at the time (and using Ctrl+Shift+↑/↓, so I'm sure I'm not just bringing them along by accident). How can I disable/correct this behaviour?

Added by: Miss Patsy Schumm

Answer: 2

26 hours ago

It turns out that the default behaviour was that the workspace would only include the primary display (and I always put Chrome on the secondaries). Using gnome-tweaks, under "Workspaces", by switching "Display handling" to "Workspaces span displays", I made it work the way it was intended.

Added by: Callie Lueilwitz

Answer: 3

8 hours ago

As far as I know, switching virtual desktops is accomplished by pressing Ctrl+Alt+[any direction]. You might be using the keyboard shortcut to move the currently highlighted window to another virtual desktop instead.

Added by: Sedrick Denesik

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