How do I restore Dolphin instead of Gwenview as default file manager


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14 hours ago

In the 2 years or so I have used Kubuntu 12.04, Dolphin has been my default file manager and Gwenview my default image viewer. Gwenview can also double up as a file manager, which can be useful when organising images and videos, but it provides less details (such as dates) on the files.

I have a number of icons on my desktop representing files or folders, and if I click on a folder it opened in Dolphin. A few days ago, it suddenly started opening Gwenview to see the folders - whether I inadvertently changed a setting, or this was done by a system update, I know not.

I've followed the advice in how-to-set-up-dolphin-as-default-file-manager, but it doesn't help; so I've uninstalled Gwenview. Ideally, I'd like Gwenview back as an image viewer, but Dolphin as default file manager. Is this possible, please?

Added by: Frida Mayert

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6 hours ago

Well, the regular method to change your default applications is to go into

System Settings > Default Applications

and click on File Manager. You should see Dolphin as an option.

Click Apply when done.

I don't know whether this is the method you used, but let us know how you get on. I also see Gwenview as an option to be a file manager, which seems a little odd.

Added by: Vincenza O'Keefe

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9 hours ago

Another possibility is to install exo-utils and it should provide exo-preferred-applications.

Run that in a terminal and under the Utilities tab, you should find the File Manager section. Specify Dolphin in that and see what happens.

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23 hours ago

In Kubuntu 21.10 when using gnome-disks there is a bug (or not useful feature): clicking by "Mounted at link" under partition leads to open the folder in Gwenview, not in Dolphin. To fix need to update File Associations in Settings:

  • Known Types -> inode -> directory
  • Remove Gwenview. Kate also is not needed here.
Added by: Joesph Boyer

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