How do I reformat my hard drive to NTFS? [duplicate]


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9 hours ago

I just installed Ubuntu yesterday on my Windows Vista computer. Upon installing Ubuntu, I accidentally deleted everything and I guess I made my HD dedicated only to Ubuntu.

I inserted my Recovery Disk for my Windows Vista and upon trying to install it, it gave me this message:

Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS

So my question is how do I uninstall Ubuntu so my HD is back to NTFS Format so I can re-install my Windows Vista and then when I have all that installed, I'll re-install Ubuntu again, but this time, I'll install it alongside my Windows Vista.

Added by: Dr. Jamil Mohr

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8 hours ago

Boot from the Ubuntu setup disk and use GParted to delete all partitions on the hard drive. You can then boot from the Windows setup disk and it will format the drive for you during installation, creating the necessary partitions for Windows to install.

Answer: 3

24 hours ago

You need to format your hard disk, no need to uninstall ubuntu. Just backup your personal files from linux. and then boot from the Windows CD/DVD. When you do that, there is options to format the HD as NTFS.

These links are useful : link1, link2, link3, link4

Added by: Emely Okuneva

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