How do I install the VCAC (VMware) guest agent on Ubuntu? I have an rpm file to use


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20 hours ago

I am using Ubuntu 15. I have an rpm package for installing the gugent (guest agent for VMware's Virtual Cloud Automation Center). I'm trying to find a standalone (offline) installation package for gettext and alien (for the rpm file). I have installed alien. But it never works. I get an error about rpm command not found whenever I use alien. For gettext, I have a .tar.xz file. I'm not sure if it is properly installed. I'd rather use a .deb file for installing gettext. For some reason, I think it may be a dependency to alien working properly. Alien's man page works. So alien is installed.

Is there an alternative to alien?

I understand that "customization" is not supported with the Guest Agent on Ubuntu. What is customization in this context? Vmware mentions Ubuntu and the VCAC. But I cannot seem to find how to install the agent.

Edit: I'm not looking to install VMware Tools. I want to install the VCAC guest agent on Ubuntu.

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15 hours ago

If you are trying to install the Vmware guest tools inside an Ubuntu guest, the easy way is to open a terminal and enter

sudo apt-get install --install-suggests open-vm-tools

Alternatively, the Vmware tools can can be run from the installation disks that Vmware was installed from, but the process is a little involved, and I believe that there are some patches needed for the Ubuntu 15 installations. VMWare's documentation does indicate that on a linux guest, open-vm-tools should be used.

Added by: Amara Gibson

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