how can i remove second firefox in ubuntu 21.10?


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28 hours ago

i had firefox snap in ubuntu 21.10. i decided to install firefox apt package and then remove the snap one. so i run apt install firefox and it was installed.

but it seems it is another firefox snap package not apt one. so, right now i think i have 2 firefox snap packages and both are version 95! also i can not even distinguish which one is former and wich one is later! i tried to remove last one by running snap remove firefox command but after running that both firefoxed still exist.

my questions are:

how can i make sure new firefox is apt package or snap one?

how can i remove last snap one (firefox)?

how ubuntu allows this to happen which cause mess in OS?!

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25 hours ago

Snaps and traditional DEB files are independent. Uninstalling one doesn't uninstall the other.

If you need to uninstall the default snap Firefox you can either use the Ubuntu Software tool or use a simple command:

sudo snap remove firefox

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36 hours ago

i found th answer for "how can i make sure new firefox is apt package or snap one?"

actualy the answer is so simple. using firefox >>> menu >>> help >>> about firefox you will see "mozilla firefox snap for ubuntu" statement.

enter image description here

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