How can I log into a commandline session, without having to launch any desktop environment?


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8 hours ago

In an effort to preserve battery, I'd like to have a session type of just the commandline at login.

  • I do not want root.

  • I do not want to login to gnome and then switch to a ttyl, as I would still be running a DE in the background.

I just want to boot my computer to the login prompt, select from the session types a commandline option, and then login to that where no desktop environment is running.

Is this possible?

Answer: 2

18 hours ago

sudo systemctl set-default

To go back to graphical boot:

sudo systemctl set-default

Added by: Thurman White Sr.

Answer: 3

26 hours ago

Are search something like this?

create a grub-skript in /etc/grub.d (example name) /etc/grub.d/70_text-mode

To long for answerblock paste

I coppied /etc/grub.d/10_linux and make some changes for me.

you can set other variable irrespective of /etc/default/grub

Make the skript executable and run

sudo update-grub

Oh I forget this part


boots in (earlier named text-mode) all services are starting besides display-manger and gui.

Added by: Lavinia Kihn

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