How can I build and install a Qt project/.pro?


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24 hours ago

I would like to install sqlite database browser from sourceforge.

I downloaded the file and unzipped it with tar -xvf sqlitebrowser_200_b1_src.tar.gz

Now it's a directory in my downloads with this structure:

| -- trunk
     | -- sqlitebrowser
          | -- sqlite_source
          | -- images
          | .. lots of files

From here how do I install the application?

Added by: Godfrey Donnelly

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8 hours ago

The version on sourceforge is the same one available from repo on Trusty. I can't verify older releases.

cd ~/
mkdir junk
cd junk
apt-get source sqlitebrowser
sudo apt-get install devscripts
sudo apt-get build-dep sqlitebrowser
cd sqlitebrowser-2.0.0~beta1+ds.1/
debuild -us -uc

There, you built it from source.

Added by: Kaylah Larson

Answer: 3

22 hours ago

Besides that you can install it building the source, you may want to install using the Software Center, it's simpler. Search sqlitebrowser, click on install and done.

search and install sqlitebrowser on the software center

Answer: 4

8 hours ago

It was an Qt project they use qmake (that comes with Qt development package) instead of configure.

"./configue" "make" "makeinstall" none of them work with that.

Added by: Jedidiah Sporer II

Answer: 5

4 hours ago

as you have downloaded the .gz file already now just have to configure and install it do the following steps-

I am considering that its downloaded into Downloads folder under home-

cd Downloads
tar -xvf sqlitebrowser_200_b1_src.tar.gz

After that you will get one more folder , thats the extracted folder to check it run-

ls -a

then use cd to enter in that extracted folder as-

cd name_of_extracted folder

then run the configure file as shown below-


and install it by using -

sudo make install

Thats it , if you will get any error paste it here in your question.

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