Help me install Ubuntu 18.04 (No root file system is defined error):


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4 hours ago

I want to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10. I use Legacy BIOS partitioning and my disk partitions are MBR.

/sda1 NTFS Primary Boot Windows 10 104 GB total 33 GB used 71 GB free

/sda2 NTFS Primary 104,279 GB total unknown used/free

/sda3 NTFS Primary 471 GB total 412 GB used 59GB free

/sda4 NTFS Primary 363,790 GB total 222,285 GB used 141,505 GB free

unusable 31,459 GB

I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 and put it on a usb flash drive using Rufus. I also created 30 GB free space for Ubuntu.

However, when I'm trying to install the Ubuntu, when I'm selecting the free space, the change function can't be accessed, and when I try to install, it says "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu". Would be really great if someone can help me figure this out. screenshot_1 screenshot_2

Added by: Mayra Berge

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