Help creating a new theme based on Adwaita?


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1 hours ago

I'd like to create a theme based on Adwaita.

I discovered that Adwaita no longer uses *.css files:

cat /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
/* Adwaita is now part of GTK+ 3, this file is no longer used */

I found the Adwaita source code on GitLab:


VERSION 3.24.10:

(UPDATE: The "master" branch on GitLab may be "buggy" since it is in development. Instead, a more stable branch such as 3.24.10 should be used).

Therefore, I can download the source files from Gitlab and modify the included *.scss files with the color changes I want.

Once I've made my changes, how do compile the source into a new theme, and deploy it on my machine?

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21 hours ago

Ubuntu 18.04

I Just tried it by understanding the README file from ~/Downloads/gtk-master/gtk/theme/Adwaita/ from the link you provided..

  1. Have downloaded the source code zip file..

enter image description here

  1. edited some colors (just to try) in the file ~/Downloads/gtk-master/gtk/theme/Adwaita/_colors.scss


$base_color: if($variant == 'light', #00FF00, lighten(desaturate(#241f31, 100%), 2%));
$text_color: if($variant == 'light', black, white);
$bg_color: if($variant == 'light', #0000FF, darken(desaturate(#3d3846, 100%), 4%));
$fg_color: if($variant == 'light', #2e3436, #eeeeec);

$selected_fg_color: #FF0000;

enter image description here

  1. Saved & Closed

  2. sudo apt install sassc

  3. cd ~/Downloads/gtk-master/gtk/theme/Adwaita

  4. sassc -M -t compact gtk-contained.scss MyCustomized.css

  5. copied this MyCustomized.css file into a newly created theme folder in /usr/share/themes/MyCustomized/gtk-3.0/ and renamed it as gtk.css

  6. copied the assets folder from ~/Downloads/gtk-master/gtk/theme/Adwaita/ to /usr/share/themes/MyCustomized/gtk-3.0/

  7. this MyCustomized theme can be selected from gnome-tweaks

and the result is

enter image description here

Added by: Kali Bogan Sr.

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