HDMI connection problem -- Dell Inspiron 3531 on ubuntu 14.04


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22 hours ago

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 (Unity Desktop) on a Dell Inspiron 3531 laptop.

I tried connecting to an external monitor from my laptop's HDMI port. My laptop cannot connect. I ran xrandr. The xrandr says HDMI is disconnected. But strangely it says VGA is connected. This cannot be because my laptop has no VGA port. It only has HDMI.

I disconnected the HDMI cable from the HDMI port. Xrandr continue to indicate VGA is connected. So, I rebooted.

Even after rebooting, with no cable connection of any kind, then running xrandr, I continue to get a VGA is connected message.

What can I correct this?

Added by: Shaniya Gleichner

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4 hours ago

You have to add a new mode with a new resolution... You can do it and apply the new resolution using the command:

xrandr --addmode <connection_type> 1200x1000_60.00

Where <connection_type> is usually VGA1, DP1 or HDMI1.

Added by: Mr. Xavier Hyatt

Answer: 3

2 hours ago

I guess VGA1 is your laptop screen. To use the HDMI output you usually have to press a function key on the laptop keyboard. It should have an icon of a monitor on it. Connect the HDMI to a monitor then use the function key to toggle between VGA, HDMI and BOTH.

Added by: Dayne Daugherty

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