Grub2 option in a Dell xps 13 9310 with ubuntu 20.04


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34 hours ago

According to Dell's indications, there must be a partition on my computer with a possibility to diagnose the system through Grub2. But when I do the test with the F12 Grub button it does not appear and it takes me to the BIOS where there is no such option.

I do not know what to do to be able to have that option. Can someone give me some help?



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10 hours ago

On page 58 of the service manual, Dell lists these instructions:

This diagnostic is the new on-board diagnostic tool and replaces the ePSA 3.0 diagnostics. It has a clean and modern user interface, quicker tests, simplified messaging. SupportAssist | On-board Diagnostics can be initiated by one of the following methods:

  • Pressing F12 to enter one-time Boot Menu and selecting Diagnostics to initiate the diagnostics OR Fn+Power
  • BIOS POST detecting a hardware failure or error and initiating the diagnostics

The SupportAssist | On-board Diagnostics is embedded with the BIOS and is launched by the BIOS internally. The embedded system diagnostics provides a set of options for particular devices or device groups allowing you to:

  • Run tests in either Quick Test Mode or Advanced Test Mode
  • Run thorough tests to introduce additional test options to provide extra information about the failed device(s)
  • Run tests in either Automatic Mode or Interactive Test Mode
  • Run interactive tests on LCD panel and keyboard
  • Display or save test results
  • View status messages that indicate if the tests are completed successfully
  • View error messages that indicate if problems were encountered during the test

NOTE: Some tests for specific devices require user interaction. Ensure that you are present at the computer terminal when the diagnostic tests are performed.

For more information, see SupportAssist Pre-Boot System Performance Check.

This appears to be built into the motherboard, much in the same way Apple has done it for their systems. No partitions to accidentally delete 👍🏻

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