Grub2 countdown slow


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14 hours ago

When booting I have a 3 seconds grub timeout and a countdown to show it:


problem is that the 3 seconds countdown countdown takes over 1 minute ! Even worst, I have a feeling it is slowly getting worst :-( (or may be I am becoming more and more impatient)

version is: grub-common_2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.12_amd64.deb Ubuntu xenial installed on a Macbook

Found a few posts reporting the same problem on the net, but no solution :-(

Anybody has an idea what could be the problem (and the solution)?

Added by: Katheryn Leannon

Answer: 2

32 hours ago

To apply your setting in /etc/default/grub you need to run

sudo update-grub
Added by: Dr. Berry Lakin

Answer: 3

17 hours ago

Delete your 4 lines and paste:


and then run sudo update-grub

Added by: Ms. Casandra Will

Answer: 4

4 hours ago

For the record, the following post describes (more accurately) the same problem I had. It also proposes a solution (post #6): "1. Boot the Apple computer to grub, takes about 2 minutes 2. Press a key, then edit your boot configuration to include the kernel command line parameter break, takes about 2 minutes 3. At the initramfs prompt usb works fine. Enter command reboot 4. This initiates a graceful shutdown of Linux, and the Apple computer can now be booted with usb3 operating normally"

Another post (#28) also proposes: "I updated to kernel 4.12 and the kernel recover usb failures on boot"

None of these worked for me :-(

Added by: Dr. Gavin Howe III

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