Grub rescue rescue error on boot even after trying a "Boot Repair"


Answer: 1

5 hours ago

I tried to load Ubuntu 12.04 onto an old machine from a CD and the installation went fine, but I got the boot error: no such device: grub rescue.

I looked into the issue with a CD live boot (unsure of the terminology, but I selected the option to try Ubuntu Desktop) and found this forum post suggesting a Boot Repair program. I installed it from the terminal. I ran the program, it said it was fixed, and I tried to start it up no no avail. It gave me an Ubuntu Pastebin and to ask if I had any troubles.

What should I try now to fix this?

I am not very educated in programming or Linux type operating systems yet. But I would appreciate any help and will try to give as much information as necessary.

So far the only way my access desktop is using the installation disk.

Added by: Miss Alvena Block

Answer: 2

8 hours ago

Reinstall GRUB using the live CD.

Steps are available here: Boot error > no such device: grub rescue

Added by: Jacquelyn Kassulke

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