Fix pavucontrol Alsa mixer with creative card


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15 hours ago

I have been desperately trying to get my creative x-fi soundcard to work with my 10.10 install and I am almost there! I have 1 speaker working and when I open volume control I see that my device is Creative X-Fi (Also mixer).

However, it appears to be stuck on mono. When I open pavucontrol I get a message that says Connection failed: Connection refused and it exits. Before it closes I can see that playback is set to mono but it won't let me change before it closes.

Can someone help me over this last hump? I am running 32 bit 10.10 any advice is much appreciated.

Added by: Pamela Schmeler V

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4 hours ago

Use this tutorial : HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support

Do only Part A.

This should fix the Connection failed: Connection refused problem.

For the mono sound output (if the problem is still not fixed) I need more info on the audio card, there is a lot of Creative X-fi cards.

But first you can try to open pavucontrol and go to the Configuration tab and try differents profiles and see if one work better than the others.

I also found a bug that seem related ([SB-XFi - Creative X-Fi] digital output only in mono) but it should be fixed already, so try to activate the backports repositery : open Synaptic, go to Settings->Repositeries and to the Update tab and then check "Unsupported updates", close the window, reload in Synaptic and then update all your packages.

Added by: Evert Schaefer II

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