External DAC audio issues


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11 hours ago

I have scoured the forums looking for a solution to this and found nothing to work. Two things are happening:

  1. When I plug in my DAC via USB connection there is an audible buzzing coming from the motherboard, and also the volume seems to be quiet and thus necessitates over-amplification, which is fine but not exactly ideal since even max is still not great. This does not happen in Windows...
  2. These issues are fixed by using the S/PDIF cable, however, it is unusable because if I mute the sound then the entire DAC turns off, and obviously turning the sound back on turns the DAC back on. This causes a noticeable click every time this occurs, and there is also playback issues where it turns off for a mili-second thus causing a click. I have tried all the power-save edits and nothing solves this issue. This also does not occur in Windows... Just wondering if there is any known audio issues with external DACs that are unfixable, perhaps due to missing drivers that only Windows can supply (FYI my DAC is a driverless DAC by design).
Added by: Heath Flatley

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