error interpreting jpeg image file (not a jpeg file starts with 0x27 0x5f) it is only an error in the default image viewer in lubuntu 16.10


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24 hours ago

This happens every time I try opening an image from any ftp server and even though the image opens perfectly on Firefox or vlc media player or any other image viewer but whenever I open it in the default image viewer in lubuntu it doesn't work. Updating eog did help though. I've attached an image of the default image viewer malfunctioning and the updated image viewer opening the same file over LAN. It should be noted that it isn't a problem with the file because I can open it after copying it. The problem here was that these are two distinct applications: gpicview and eog but both of these image viewers are labled as "image viewer" in the applications menu and they share the exact same icon but they are categorised differently because the old one was in accessories and the newer one is in graphics which is why I was able to distinguish between these two otherwise the difference can only be spotted in the properties or by running the program to find out which is which. Waiting for the description/purpose show up while hovering on the shortcut in the applications menu can also help. I'm gonna attach a screenshot explaining this from the device I was using.

In this screenshot you can see the file properties of the shortcuts and how similar they appear to be on the outside because they have the same name and icon (the new one can be seen next to the Adobe reader knockoff) . I was only able to distinguish them because the old one: gpicview is in accessories and the new one: eog is categorised under graphics in the application menu. You can also see that it says "view your images easily" when I hover on the old one in application menu but with the new one it says "view and rotate images" instead and they have different names in the file properties of course because the similarities are mostly in the shortcuts and not the actual applications. Sometimes an update can be so drastic that it doesn't replace the older version but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Something similar had happened when I'd updated Firefox on windows. Recently I had downloaded a newer version of Firefox for lubuntu and I didn't get .Deb package instead it was a.tar.bz2 archive so I extracted it and ran it from there but the default shortcut in the applications menu was somehow linked to this extracted folder in my downloads and it went back to the older version after I had deleted that folder. I had edited this post without all of this irrelevant stuff a moment ago but then my browser crashed before I could save it an autosave feature would really help in such situations.

I was unable to provide an update for so many months because I was trying to figure out how to boot that device up without using the keyboard which is why I'm typing this in with a cellphone but that's a separate topic. Screenshot

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