Enable default camera in Lenovo T410


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22 hours ago

I was using Lenovo T410 with Windows. Last week I wiped off Windows and installed Ubuntu 10.10 as my primary OS. Now, I am not sure how to install/enable the default camera in ubuntu. I searched lenovo site for ubuntu drivers but they are all for Windows only.

Added by: Damien Bernier

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24 hours ago

I own a T410 and I have no troubles with the camera. It works out-of-the box, withoug any effort from my side. It works both with cheese and skype. Try Fn + F6 as it seems to control the camera somehow (I don't have the user's manual here with me, to check what they actually do).

Added by: Stephon Lubowitz

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1 hours ago

There are a number of webcam programs to access your web cam Cheese is just one.

To test if the default open source drivers are working I access my built in web cam on my laptop using Video for Linux or Video for Linux 2 and vlc media player.

I open vlc media player.

Click on the the Media menu

Either Advanced Open File or Open Capture Device Choose Capture mode I use Video for Linux 2 [try experimenting with the other modes]

You may need to install Video for Linux in order for the Capture Device to become available.

You can also check if there is a v4l device in the /dev directory.

$ ls /dev/v4l

by-id by-path

$ ls /dev/v4l/by-*





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13 hours ago

If the camera is enabled in the BIOS, then it should just work (you can test it by installing and running the webcam program cheese).

Added by: Amely Schmidt

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