Dual boot win7 ubuntu: win7 gone!


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19 hours ago

Recently I installed Ubuntu 64 after Win7 64. I used 'Try Ubuntu' to set the disk partition with ext4 and swap. But after I installed the Ubuntu, my windows system is gone. Even I used Boot-repair, I could not find the partition that I installed Win7. Can anyone help?

I want to find my data under Win7. Because it seems that the Win7 with the UEFI partition have been erased!

Answer: 2

29 hours ago

In most cases the lost data still can be recovered. Don't panic. :)

Launch GParted and check if there are any NTFS partitions on your primary hard disk. If so, you probably can access your data (NTFS partitions are accessible from Ubuntu by default).

If your Windows partitions (NTFS) are lost, read the following article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery

Added by: Brycen Thompson

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