Dock does not update when launching applications


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27 hours ago

I have customize the dock in Ubuntu 20.10 with dconf-editor and the following commands:

gsettings set extend-height false
gsettings set dock-position BOTTOM
gsettings set transparency-mode FIXED
gsettings set unity-backlit-items true

After that customization, when I launch an application, its icon doesn't appear in the dock. This is an example with Ubuntu Software application:


What could be the reason?

Thank you!

Added by: Quincy Witting

Answer: 2

12 hours ago

This is a known bug that has been around for at least a year. There seem to be two solutions.

Solution from the Bug Report:

  1. Right click dock and go to Dash To Dock Settings
  2. Enable or disable "Use bulitin theme"
  3. Dash to dock now shows running applications

Solution from Same Question in 2019:

Restart Gnome by:

  1. Pressing Alt+F2
  2. Entering r into the textbox
  3. Pressing Enter

Hopefully one of these options will work for you until the bug is fixed in Dash to Dock.

Added by: Miss Kyla Koch

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