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26 hours ago

I installed app called zoom and it somehow stopped working. I tried reinstalling it but still wouldn't work. I'm trying to delete any files related to the application.

I tried

find / * | grep "zoom"

Is there a way i can delete files shown by this command

Added by: Abbie Parisian

Answer: 2

31 hours ago

Your find command is silly. How did you install zoom? If via synaptic, apt, apt-get or any other installer that respects the Ubuntu packaging system, you may see the files with

dpkg -L zoom

and remove it (and not confuse the packaging system) with

sudo apt purge zoom

If you insist on using find, re-read man find, and do something like

sudo find / -iname 'zoom*'

or (read man xargs)

sudo find / -type f -iname 'zoom*' -print0 | xargs -0 echo rm

to delete all the files whose names start with zoom. Remove the echo word when you are happy with the generated file list.

Added by: Amani Koelpin DDS

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