Computer freezes when playing youtube video in Chrome


Answer: 1

12 hours ago

I have got a computer with fresh 14.04 installation. Whenever I open a Youtube video in Chrome it plays for a minute or so, and the the machine freezes. The only way out of it is a hard reset.

I have had a short look into dmesg and syslog but nothing caught my eye. Any clue in which log file should I look for an answer?

I have tried Firefox, and works fine there.

Added by: Tyra Boehm

Answer: 2

10 hours ago

It turned out to be a hardware problem - graphic card fan was packed with dust, and graphic-costly operations (like watching videos) caused it to overheat. I found that out when it was already too late and I needed to replace the graphic card. After replacing it the problem was gone.

Added by: Rosalia Kshlerin

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